slappymcbluelip (slappymcbluelip) wrote,

For the record, that wasn't an error. I don't do errors.

That was just my attempt to get the team into a better place, playing-wise. We really needed to snap out of our funk on the field, and I was just trying to give them incentive to do it. Look, I scored twice. What more do you want from me? I can't do EVERYTHING myself. Seven home runs in the last eight starts who does that asshole think he is this is MY team.

I'm going to go see if Tino needs some more help fitting in. If he just keeps living by my example, I think he'll do fine around here.

OOH! Fresh new Smallville tonight! GAWD, I love day games on Wednesdays. I hope Clark and Lana totally start making out. That would be awesome. Maybe D. wants to watch it with me. I'd better go pick up some fudge and chardonnay, just in case...
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